A Revolutionary Security and Reliability Solution for the Internet of Things

Why SensorHound?

Reliability and security are paramount to IoT applications. Software failures and security breaches can be extremely costly, not only in terms of time and money, but also in terms of safety. Unfortunately, currently available operations monitoring solutions are manual, ad hoc, and largely inefficient.

SensorHound™ has developed IoT-specific operations monitoring software that is proactive, automated, and systematic. Our breakthrough solution, based on award-winning technology developed over 10 years by leading IoT researchers, can significantly reduce the operational and maintenance costs of IoT deployments.

Our Products

SensorHound’s mission is to improve the security and reliability of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our suite of software products provides continuous in situ deployment monitoring you can count on, and sends immediate alerts with detailed diagnostic information when software failures or security intrusions are detected. Based on patent-pending technology developed by leading IoT researchers, our award-winning solutions are proactive, automated, and easy to integrate - all with an unbelievably small footprint.

Industry’s first vertical-agnostic, resource-efficient operations monitoring solution for IoT devices

Sensor Tracer

Real-time detection of software failures and intrusions

Sensor Cloud

Cloud-based dashboard for monitoring deployments

Sensor Doctor

Forensic tool for source code diagnostics on each individual node

Our customers have experienced 90% fewer operational issues

Leadership Team

Our company was founded by award-winning researchers with over 20 years of combined research and development experience in IoT reliability and security. Together, our dedicated team members represent some of the best in engineering, design, and business development, with advanced degrees from leading universities and a passion for solving tough problems.

Vinai Sundaram, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Tan Creti, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Eugster, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

We are honored to have received several prestigious awards since our launch.